2015 Graduate Placements



Christina Baker

Dissertation Title: Queering Mexicanidad in Cabaret and Film: Redefining Boundaries of Belonging

Dissertation Director: Paola Hernández

Placement: Assistant Professor, Temple University
(previously Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of Dayton [Dayton, OH])


Jonah D. Conner

Dissertation Title: Productive Neoclassical Prefixes in Spanish

Dissertation Director: Fernando Tejedo

Placement: Testing Coordinator, Madison Area Technical College


Desiree Díaz-Díaz

Dissertation Title: Ciudadanías liminales : vida cotidiana y espacio urbano en la Cuba post-soviética

Dissertation Director: Guillermina de Ferrari

Placement: Assistant Professor, Swarthmore College


Jason P. Doroga

Dissertation Title: The Reanalysis of the Spanish Truncated Participle

Dissertation Director: Fernando Tejedo

Placement: Assistant Professor, Centre College


Sean Gullickson

Dissertation Title: The Inner and Imagined Demons of Jerónimo de Pasamonte: Witchcraft, Psychology and Early Modern Autobiography

Dissertation Director: Steven Hutchinson

Placement: Assistant Specialist – Spanish, University of Kansas


Anne Hoffmann-González

Dissertation Title: Language Use or Non-use in Study Abroad as an Indicator of Community Membership

Dissertation Director: Diana Frantzen

Placement: Lecturer, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities


Katherine Oswald

Dissertation Title: The Formation and Transmission of the Legend of Bernardo del Carpio

Dissertation Director: Pablo Ancos

Placement: Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Notre Dame


Joshua Pope

Dissertation Title: Explanatory factors of the adoption of dialectal features during study abroad

Dissertation Director: Diana Frantzen

Placement: Assistant Professor of Spanish, Doane University


Giannina Reyes

Dissertation Title: Deshechos: masculinidades y espacios alternos en la literatura Mexicana del nuevo milenio

Dissertation Director: Rubén Medina

Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Portland