2017 Graduate Placements



Daniel Ares

Dissertation Title: Culturing the Wilderness. Nature, Culture and Iberian Wildlife in 20th century Spanish Literature, Anthropology and Documentary film (1940-1982)

Dissertation Director: Katarzyna Beilin

Placement: Assistant Professor, San Diego State University


Natalie Belisle

Dissertation Title: Strangers at Home: Opaque Citizenships in Contemporary Caribbean Literature

Dissertation Director: Guillermina De Ferrari

Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Southern California


David Korfhagen

Dissertation Title: Social and cognitive factors in semantic change: Case studies in the development of the Spanish lexicon

Dissertation Director: Fernando Tejedo

Placement: Lecturer of Spanish, University of Virginia


Emily Kuder

Dissertation Title: En voz alta: Prosodic Features of ‘Teacher Talk’ in the Spanish Second Language Classroom

Dissertation Directors: Rajiv Rao, Catherine Stafford

Placement: Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies, Connecticut College


Joseph Patteson

Dissertation Title: A Dialectics of Intoxication: Addiction, Violence, and Vision in Latin American Cultural Production

Dissertation Director: Rubén Medina

Placement: Assistant Professor, Augustana University


Alec David Schumacher

Dissertation Title: Politics, Space, and Participation in the Work of Juan Luis Martínez and the Neo-avant-garde

Dissertation Director: Marcelo Pellegrini

Placement: Assistant Professor, Gonzaga University