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Congratulations to our 2016-17 MAs and PhDs

 It is time once again to recognize all the Spanish and Portuguese graduate students who have successfully completed their MA exams, and defended their doctoral dissertations.
   For completion of their Master of Arts degree this spring:
   Michael Alves Pantaleão
   Gabriel Antúnez de Mayolo Kou
   Andrea Carrillo
   Brandon Goodale
   Stephen Jones
   Carlos Martín Cabrera
   Mariana Oliveira
   María Pulla France
   Jeremy Ríos
   Tracy Skluzacek
   Luke Urbain
   Diego Zorita Arroyo
   We congratulate you and wish you all our best in your future endeavors, whether they entail pursuing your graduate studies in Spanish and Portuguese language, literature and culture, or venturing into other new and exciting professional and academic fields.
   We also extend our warmest wishes to all our PhD students who have successfully defended their dissertations this academic year:
   Daniel Ares Lopez (dir. Beilin)
   Natalie Belisle (dir. De Ferrari)
   Francesca Ferrono (dir. Albuquerque)
   David Korfhagen (dir. Tejedo)
   Emily Kuder (dir. Rao)
   Marin Laufenberg (dir. Hernández)
   Joe Patteson (dir. Medina)
   Axel Presas (dir. Bilbija)
   Alec Schumacher (dir. Pellegrini)
   We acknowledge your hard work and congratulate you on achieving this crucial milestone.
   Finally, our heartfelt felicitations to Daniel Ares Lopez, Natalie Belisle, Katie Ginsbach, Emily Kuder, Joe Patteson, Axel Presas, and Alec Schumacher for securing academic positions at the following colleges and universities around the country:
   Augustana University
   Connecticut College
   Emory University
   Gonzaga University
   San Diego State University
   St Norbert College
   The University of Southern California
   The Department is immensely proud of you. Your accomplishment and your success are ours as well, and we wish you every success as you embark on this new journey.


-Submitted by Luís Madureira, Professor and Chair, Department of Spanish & Portuguese