Department of Spanish and Portuguese

College of Letters & Science


I enjoy being able to travel and speak in the native language, and it always impresses the locals in Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, etc that the blonde girl is fluent in Spanish!

 I loved the small class sizes. I loved getting to know the faculty early on and having them remember me a year later when I took another class with them. 

Studying languages has meant everything to me.

Language has enriched my life professionally because I am qualified for many different positions based on my language skills and have the ability to acquire more.

Before I even stepped onto the campus, I knew I would take numerous language classes here.

Studying languages has enriched my life in countless ways.

I love being able to speak a language that so few people know!

I feel like everything I learn in a language class, I bring home with me and it becomes a part of my life.

From studying Yoruba, I have gained insight into a whole new culture and language.

I've found studying Thai language to be quite intrinsically rewarding. Truthfully, the whole process has been just a lot of fun. 


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