Department of Spanish and Portuguese

College of Letters & Science


It's one thing to learn about language and culture in the classroom, but it's so much more impactful to live somewhere for a year and see if your pre-conceived ideas about the country were accurate and which ones were not.

Learning Spanish has led to a lifelong interest in culture and art. It's the enduring theme in both my personal and professional lives.

If possible, I recommend everyone spending some time in another country during their time at UW-Madison.

I can't emphasize the value of my study abroad experiences enough. It's not just a place I've traveled to, but a place where I've learned and grown, and a place that is now a part of me.

My choice of language has taken me to some of the most amazing places in the world.

Take every opportunity to practice your secondary language, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

My Spanish classes seemed more engaging than my non-language courses —I was always excited to go and could always count on my professors being excited as well.

Even if your priority in school is not language learning, one class can make all the difference in some unforeseeable future situation.

Spanish opened the door to fabulous worlds!

Immerse yourself in the language you want to learn! Don't limit yourself.


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