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Congratulations to our new 2015-16 PhDs

Commencement Ceremony 2016 Kohl Center

Now that the spring semester has come to a close, we would like to recognize all the newly minted Spanish PhDs over the course of this academic year. We acknowledge your hard work, the sleepless nights, yes, frustration and stress, but above all the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment when the ink was finally put to paper at the end of that labyrinthine journey, and you proudly held that warrant aloft, having at long last fulfilled that exigent partial requirement for the Doctorate degree!

   So, for their impressive achievement, we heartily congratulate:

   Saylín Álvarez (Steve Hutchinson, dir.)
   Christina Baker (Paola Hernández, dir.)
   Brenda Becerra-Anderson (Guido Podestá, dir.)
   Edith Beltrán (Ksenija Bilbija, dir.)
   Nate Maddux (Cathy Stafford, dir.)
   Ben Post (Margarita Zamora, dir.)
   Juan Iso (Glen Close, dir.)
   Adriana Pérez Limón (Paola Hernández, dir.)
   Verónica Rodríguez-Hernández (Margarita Zamora, dir.),
   Laissa Rodríguez Moreno (Paola Hernández, dir.)
   Maria Gabriela Solano-Solano (Paola Hernández, dir.)
Additional emphatic congratulations to Christina Baker, Nate Maddux and Ben Post for securing academic appointments for the upcoming year. And a special salute to all the advisors, significant others, children, families, to all those who rode along with you for the whole bumpy and breathtaking journey.

The Department is proud of you. Your accomplishment and your success are ours as well.