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Why Study Spanish?

Did you know that by 2050 the United States could have more Spanish speakers than any other country?

Spanish continues to gain ground as a widely-spoken national and international language, making the ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken Spanish an invaluable intellectual, social, cultural, and professional resource. Spanish is the official or co-official language of 21 countries, and with more than 400 million speakers worldwide (projected increase to about 530 million by 2050), it is the third most widely-spoken language on the planet after Mandarin and English.

What can you do with a Spanish major?

The following are just a few of the many career paths for which proficiency in spoken and written Spanish can be a valuable asset:

  • Bilingual and Second Language Education
  • Medical, Legal & Business Professions
  • Journalism
  • Travel Industry
  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Non-governmental/non-profit work
  • Library Science
  • Foreign Service