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Major in Portuguese

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26 credits beyond Portuguese 201*, which must include:

Literature (6 credits)

  • One 400-level survey of literature class (411, 412, 467, or 468) and another literature class at or above the 400-level

Culture/Civilization (4 credits)

  • at least one culture/civilization course at or above the 300-level

Composition and Conversation (6 credits)

  • two composition courses (225, 226, 311, or 312)

Elective Credits in Portuguese (6 credits)

  • two additional courses at or above the 300-level to be selected from literature, culture/civilization, composition and conversation, or linguistic courses in Portuguese, or from "fourth" credits for those courses.

Equivalent of two university semesters of another Romance language (Spanish, French, Italian), preferably Spanish, taken either in high school or college.

All Portuguese majors are required to submit to the department, before graduation, a portfolio consisting of four pieces of writing from Portuguese courses at or above the 300-level. Each must be at least 300 words and must be distributed as follows:

  • One sample from a language course
  • One sample from a literature course
  • One sample from a culture / civilization course
  • One sample of the student's choosing from another Portuguese course at or above the 300-level

* Please note that Portuguese 301 does not count toward the Portuguese major as it is a one-semester equivalent of Portuguese 101 and Portuguese 102. Only courses beyond Portuguese 201 count toward the Portuguese major.