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Portuguese Honors Program

Students wishing to enroll in Honors in the Major in Portuguese must consult with the Honors Advisor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese to declare an Honors Major. Honors candidates in Portuguese are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 for all Portuguese courses at or above the 300-level and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3. Honors candidates in Portuguese are required, like all Portuguese majors, to take 26 credits in Portuguese courses beyond 201, and 8 credits of another Romance language. Honors candidates in Portuguese must take a minimum of 16 of these credits as honors courses. Undergraduate courses in which Honors candidates can enroll for honors credits are indicated by "%" in the Timetable. Honors candidates in Portuguese should consult with the instructor within the first two weeks of the semester regarding the honors work to be done in each particular undergraduate course. Of these 16 credits, 6 must be in the Senior Honors Thesis (681/682) or two courses at the 500- or 600- level (totaling 6 credits) taken with special permission from the Department Honors Advisor. The faculty advisor for the Senior Honors Thesis should be consulted about the project as early as possible (and no later than the beginning of the student's junior year) to formulate a topic and to allow the student the potential to take part in the funding cycle for their senior year.

Students should be aware that Honors in the Major is a new program and is still under development, and so should not assume that the requirements specified in this catalog are complete or fully described. Students should check with the Department Honors Advisor at least once a year to make sure that requirements have not been modified, as well as to seek guidance about planning the best possible Honors in the Major curriculum that reflects their special interests.