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Giving to Spanish and Portuguese

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese would like to thank the many alumni and friends who generously support us. Your donations help us to support promising undergraduate majors, attract top faculty and graduate students, and provide them with resources to enrich their learning, advance their careers, and make their experience at the University of Wisconsin more meaningful through the hosting of lectures, conferences, and other scholarly activities. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a big difference and is gratefully received.  


Giving Options

If you wish to contribute online, you may do so by clicking this link to the University of Wisconsin Foundation. We thank you!

If you prefer to make your gift to this or any other fund by check, please make your check payable to the University of Wisconsin Foundation/Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, write the fund name in the check memo line, and send it to:

University of Wisconsin Foundation
US Bank Lockbox 78807
Milwaukee, WI 53278-0807

For more information, please contact:

University of Wisconsin Foundation
1848 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53726-4090


Your gift impact

Here are a few examples of what your donation can help us to achieve:

$25-50 can help support cultural activities and events for students at La Residencia de Estudiantes, the Spanish-speaking floor at the International Learning Community —for example, film projections, making crafts for Día de los Muertos, or cooking Latino food.

$50-100 donations can contribute to fund achievement awards for outstanding undergraduate Spanish majors upon their graduation. These awards are announced and presented at our annual major graduation celebration. 

$100-200 Workshops on specific topics are often organized by faculty and students in the department and small donations go a long way toward making these events successful. A recent workshop on Romance Linguistics used small donations of $100-$200 to help pay for costs of audiovisual equipment and reduce registration fees for participants. 

$300-400 donation can help to continue the biannual Spanish play put on by undergraduate and graduate students through the Spanish 564 Course directed by Professor Paola Hernández. The course and the play have led to the creation of “Teatro Décimo Piso” (in reference to our location at Van Hise Hall), a theater group run by students.

$500-1,000 can make a significant difference to both undergraduate and graduate students trying to advance field work and research projects. It can also help to reimburse students for the cost of membership in professional organizations or for registrations paid at conferences.

$1,000-1,500 This important gift can help bring a visiting scholar to campus to interact with students in and out of classes to enrich their learning experience. The department has brought scholars from across the US, Europe, and Latin America.

$2,000-3,000. This significant gift can help make possible an interdisciplinary conference to engage students and the campus community in the exploration of Hispanic letters and culture. Students who participate in the planning of these events hone their organizational skills and gain access to the latest research.

$10,000. A gift of this size can help us to offer scholarships to an under-represented minority students and recruit top graduate students.

$100,000 and over. Large endowments allow us to create named professorships that are essential for attracting and retaining top-quality faculty, and this in turn would also help to recruit top applicants to our graduate programs.