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Specialization in Literature

The Ph.D. Hispanic literature program in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers five areas of study:
  • Medieval
  • Golden Age
  • Modern Peninsular
  • Spanish American I (Colonial to 1900)
  • Spanish American II (Twentieth Century)
  • Philology/Linguistics (may be used as supporting field only, provided written consent of graduate adviser is obtained)
In the doctoral program the student selects a major, two supporting fields and takes one course or seminar in each of the two remaining fields. The major is the area of specialization; the student is expected to have a thorough knowledge of the currents, primary works and critical bibliography pertaining to it. The student is expected to know the most significant writers and works as well as the most important currents and developments in the two supporting fields; additionally, the student must have a good knowledge of critical bibliography. The program of studies leading toward the Ph.D. in this Department provides multiple opportunities for the development of analytical skills, and integrated with those skills an extensive knowledge of theoretical issues. The selection of the major and supporting fields is made by the beginning of the second semester of doctoral studies. Any subsequent change should be recorded promptly in the departmental office.