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Tim K.

Major(s) and Certificate(s): 

Spanish and Communication Arts

Graduation Year: 
Current city: 
Current state/province/country (if outside US): 
Balearic Islands
What have you done since graduating from UW-Madison?: 

In Palma de Mallorca, Spain, I have been an English teacher, management consultant, and manager of a ship agency.

Language(s) : 
What motivated you to study this/these languages?: 

Spanish was becoming more and more important in the USA when I was at the university and so I saw it as a language that would be useful in the future. I studied German because of my German ancestry.

How have these languages enriched your life?: 

Through Spanish, I have access to another culture and world of information. When on business or pleasure trips, I am more easily understood.

What do you remember about your UW language classes? How were they different from other classes you took?: 

They were extremely difficult, as I had not taken language classes in high school. As I caught on, they became a lot of fun.

How valuable were your out-of-classroom experiences?: 

Study abroad marked a major change in my life as I came to live in Spain after graduation and have been here since then.

How have you maintained or improved your language(s) since graduation?: 

I have a near native level in Spanish and began using German at one of my jobs on a daily basis.

What advice do you have for current language students?: 

Do language interchanges with natives apart from classwork.

What is your favorite word or phrase in a language you know?: 
Hay que ver - "Well I never!"