Rachel Botshtein

Credentials: Certificate in Spanish Studies for Business Majors


I was heavily involved in ALT-Magazine, a publication that focuses on promoting social justice through various art mediums such as fashion, makeup, film, and more.

Favorite Class

My favorite class I took in college was an entrepreneurship class that focused on growth strategies. In the class, I was met with a mentor and took the first steps to pursuing my dream of starting a business.


The thing I will miss the most about UW-Madison is walking out of class and walking through Library Mall. I love seeing all of the people gathering and enjoying spring rolls.

The Future?

Following graduation, I will be moving to Chicago and starting a job at Fidelity Investments with the hopes of becoming a financial planner. Ultimately, my career goal is to have the work I do make a strong, positive impact on other people’s lives.

Words of Wisdom

Make sure that you are an active part of a community on campus. You will not remember all of the classes that you take or the experiences that you have, but you will never forget the people that made college so memorable.