Matthew "Mateo" J. Burner

Position title: Lecturer


headhot: Mateo Burner

Spring 2024 Office Hours

Mondays and Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm (in-person)


Mateo’s research focuses on the form and meaning of nouns, and adjective agreement patterns and meaning in Romance, particularly through comparative analyses of Spanish and Asturian, a minority language spoken in northern Spain. Additional research interests focus on Colombian Spanish intonation through an ongoing Phonology research group.


PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
MA, University of Central Florida
BA, University of Central Florida


Burner, M.J. (In preparation). [Review of the book The Asturian Language: Distinctiveness, Identity, and Officiality, by Avelino Corral Esteban (Ed.)]. Peter Lang.

Burner, M.J. (2023). The Form and Interpretation of Nouns and Adjectives in Asturian and Spanish: A Distributed Morphology Approach. [Doctoral dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Madison]

Burner, M.J. (2022). Las vocales temáticas en castellano y asturiano: Un recurso para la interpretación semántica. In E. Torre (Ed.), El mapa lingüístico del noroccidente ibérico: Contacto, variación y cambio (pp. 79-97). Lincom.

Biedny, J., Burner, M., Macaulay, M. & Cudworth, A. (2021). Classifier Medials across Algonquian: A First Look. International Journal of American Linguistics (IJAL), 87:1, 1-47.

Rogers, B., Rao, R. & Burner, M. (2020). Biological codes and extended focus: Examining speaker-driven and pragmatically-based analyses of Chilean Spanish intonational plateau contours. In J. J. Colmina-Almiñana & S.             Sessarego (Eds.), Language Patterns in Spanish and Beyond: Structure, Context and Development (pp. 199-222). Routledge.

Burner, M.J. (2016). El neutro de materia en asturiano: Un acercamiento sintáctico al fenómeno en cuanto a la especificidad, genericidad y la posición del adjetivo. Revista de Filoloxía Asturiana (RFA), 16, 49-61.

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