Matthew Burner


headshot: Mateo Burner


Mateo is a PhD candidate researching the Syntax and Morphology of mass neuter in Asturian, a language spoken in northern Spain. Other research interests include Colombian intonation and prosody and the the derivation of nouns within a DM framework.


2015, Spanish MA, University of Central Florida
2014, Spanish BA, University of Central Florida


Biedny, J., Burner, M., Macaulay, M. & Cudworth, A. (2021). Classifier Medials across Algonquian: A First Look. International Journal of American Linguistics (IJAL), 87:1, 1-47.

Rogers, B., Rao, R. & Burner, M. (2020). Biological codes and extended focus: Examining speaker-driven and pragmatically-based analyses of Chilean Spanish intonational plateau contours. In J. J Colmina-Almiñana & S. Sessarego (Eds.), Language Patterns in Spanish and Beyond: Structure, Context and Development (pp. 199-222). UK: Routledge.

Burner, M.J. (2016). El neutro de materia en asturiano: Un acercamiento sintáctico al fenómeno en cuanto a la especificidad, genericidad y la posición del adjetivo. Revista de Filoloxía Asturiana, 16, 49-61.