Ananda Deacon

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


I was the president of the ACLU Student Alliance, a Badger SPILL student supporter, a member of the Black Pre-law association, and got involved in any activism and organizing work I could get my hands on.

Favorite Class

I really love one of the final classes I took, Afro-Am 624: Black Feminisms. It’s taught by living legend Dr. Thulani Davis and critically analyzes the history and evolution of black feminist praxis. It really challenged me to push myself to understand a topic that I thought I knew quite well even better.


I’ll never forget my times staying up with my buddies till 3AM on the MLC floor freshman year. Our House Fellow had every right to yell at us and never did, because Jamie Dawson is a gem and really brought us together as a community.

The Future?

I hope to continue my work with Freedom, Inc to work towards creating a world where queer Black and Brown people can live freely. I also want to infiltrate the legal system as a civil rights attorney to try and upend unjust practices before returning to organizing to work outside the system once more.

Words of Wisdom

PLEASE message your professors and TAs for extensions. Learn to advocate for yourself as soon as possible, and remember that rest is advocacy.