Allison Dentice

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


During my time at UW-Madison, I have been involved in many campus activities and organizations, including Undergraduate Research Scholars, Wisconsin Union Directorate Alternative Breaks, Wisconsin Track Club, and Badger Volunteers. In addition, I have been a student employee at The Shell all four years and I participated in a UW-Madison AIESEC Global Volunteer program.

Favorite Class

My favorite course at UW-Madison is one I am currently taking in my last semester, Spanish 468: Visual Narratives. In this course we read, analyze, and discuss graphic novels and comic books in Spanish. I enjoy the stories we read and feel that the discussions are productive and a reflection of real life.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have missed spending nights on the Terrace with my friends as well as walking on campus between classes and seeing all the students I know along the way. Although there are thousands of students at UW-Madison, I always happened to pass someone I know!

The Future?

After graduation, I plan take two gap years to live in Phoenix working as a bilingual Certified Nursing Assistant and volunteering in the area. After this, I hope to attend medical school and eventually work as a physician for underserved populations.

Words of Wisdom

Make sure to find time to relax and enjoy your days at UW!