Lauren Dirnberger

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


  • Phillips and Dejope Student Leaders (Residence Life Board Member)
  • Badger Catholic (Peer Mentor, Vita Pura Coordinator)
  • St. Paul’s Catholic University Center (Choir, Alpha Omega Vision Team, Hospitality Team)
  • Wisconsin Energy Institute (Undergraduate Researcher)

Favorite Class

I couldn’t pick only one!

  • Spanish 361 – Spanish Civilization with Mercedes Alcalá-Galán
  • Entomology 302 – with Dr. Young


My favorite college memory has been my study abroad experiences with the Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation. I was able to study and conduct research in Belize in January 2018 and then in Ecuador the spring semester of 2020. I am in constant awe of the beauty and biodiversity our Earth supports, and it was incredible to witness and explore ecosystems such as patch reefs, páramo grasslands, cloud forests, and even the Amazon rainforest! Night hikes were some of the most exhilarating moments of my life, never knowing which cute or lethal critters will cross my path. I will forever cherish all the memories I made with my cohort, professors, host family, as well as the locals and guides who helped along the way.

The Future?

This summer after graduation, I will be returning to Ecuador and visiting the Galapagos Islands. I plan to stay on the coast of Ecuador with a marine conservation organization and conduct research focused on the human impacts on coastal ecosystems. After that, I hope to pursue graduate studies incorporating conservation ecology and sustainability with Spanish while creating lasting impacts on local communities and ecosystems. I am on a constant pursuit of knowledge and opportunity to experience various cultures and places.

Words of Wisdom

Don’t be afraid to try new things and definitely study abroad if you have the opportunity! Additionally, take the time to get to know your professors and TAs during class or office hours they are incredible resources and mentors more than willing to assist you.