Sabrina Dornan

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


Mercile J. Lee Scholar Latine Student Union Advocates for Immigrants’ Rights

Favorite Class

In the Spanish department, Spanish 325 was my favorite! We watched authentic Spanish movies in order to practice conversational skills and Professor Rodriguez-Guridi was fantastic!


While it is hard to pick just one thing, I will miss Badger football games the most. Filling up Camp Randall and Jumping Around was an experience that can never be topped.

The Future?

I plan on taking a gap year and then attending Law School to obtain my Juris Doctor. My dream is to be an immigration attorney so that I can provide legal assistance to underserved communities in the U.S.

Words of Wisdom

Take advantage of the wide array of classes offered at UW. If you have room in your schedule, take that class that seems interesting or fun even if it doesn’t fill a requirement! I have learned so much from classes that I took just because the content interested me. Doing so definitely makes course loads feel lighter since you are actually interested and engaged in the topic.