Rebecca Gillis

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


  • Undergraduate Researcher in the Blackwell Lab (Chemistry Department)
  • Leader for Badger Cru
  • TA discussion leader for Genetics 466
  • Volunteer at UW Health University Hospital
  • Volunteer for Love Your Melon Campus Crew

Favorite Class

My favorite college classes were Spanish 320: Spanish Phonetics and Spanish 420: Advanced Spanish Phonetics. I really loved phonetics!


My favorite college memory is sunny afternoon studying at the WID Discovery Building. Sitting next to the big windows with a good coffee was my favorite place to be on campus!

The Future?

After graduation I will be taking a gap year to work and travel. I plan on applying for med school next spring!

Words of Wisdom

My best piece of wisdom is to really get to know your professors. I want to thank ALL of the amazing professors I had for my Spanish courses during my time here as I enjoyed every class that I took. The Department of Spanish & Portuguese is truly amazing! I specifically would like to shout out Professors Rajiv Rao, Sarli Mercado, Alicia Cerezo, and my favorite TA Felipe Moraga.