Patrick Gilvary

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


F.H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture and Helios

Favorite Class

Spanish 320: Spanish Phonetics, both for the fun lessons on the different dialects across the Spanish-speaking world and for the friendships formed while learning them.


Surrounding myself with books, notes, coffee, and music while writing essays that I was passionate about, and having people around me who were interested to hear about what I was writing.

The Future?

Planning renewable energy projects with as little environmental and social harm as possible. Using Spanish within my community and while exploring the world. Continually looking for opportunities to learn and grow as a person.

Words of Wisdom

It’s normal and fine not to have everything mapped out. What’s important is to be open-minded and receptive when venturing out into uncharted waters and to take time to enjoy it along the way.