Sophia Gosetti

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


I have been involved with the McCulloh Lab in the Department of Botany studying plant ecophysiology for three of the four years I have spent at UW. Specifically, I have been working on projects studying Eucalyptus responses to water-related stress. It has been such rewarding experience!

Favorite Class

I absolutely loved my Spanish Civilization class in the Fall of 2020 (Spanish 361) with Mercedes Alcalá-Galán. Even though the class was entirely online, we were able to really connect on a personal level with our classmates and Mercedes in a way I hadn’t in my other online classes. I could tell that my classmates and Mercedes were passionate about the topics of the class and about making the online class into a community.


It is hard to pick one thing! My favorite parts of UW have been the Saturday morning farmer’s markets, hanging out at the Terrace, and football gamedays.

The Future?

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with Waukesha County Parks this summer as a park biologist! Looking further ahead, I hope to stay in Wisconsin, work with people and the environment, and to make a difference in my community.

Words of Wisdom

Participate actively in class and take time for yourself to enjoy each day! While it looks different to everyone, engaging with classmates, the professor/TA, and the space around you really can add both to your learning and to your overall enjoyment of your time at UW. The extra effort is worth it!