Jorge Hernández Lasa


headshot: Jorge Hernandez Lasa


Jorge is an ABD student in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He previously majored at the Autonomous University of Barcelona where he participated in several projects that include, for instance, the new Spanish linguistic corpus for the Real Academia de la Lengua. After finishing his undergrad, he was selected to being part of the Ortelius Program between Barcelona and Seoul, South Korea, where he continued working on the literature field and Spanish as a Teaching Language. In 2016, he moved to Madison, WI, to attend UW-Madison, where he happily works under the direction of Professor Steven Hutchinson. Nowadays, he is working on his dissertation which explores poetic epistles and its ramifications in form, topics, and motives during the Early-Modern Spanish literature.

Student Organizations

Member of GEMS (Graduate Early Modern Student Society)
Facilitator of La Mesa de Conversación (Spanish Conversation Table)