Anthony Hying

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


During my time at UW-Madison, I was a workshop facilitator with the Adventure Learning Programs (ALPs) for 2 1/2 years. I was also a conversation partner with the WESLI institute where I was partnered with a student from Burkina Faso. I volunteered with the Neighborhood House Community Center as a mentor and tutor for two years. I was a Badger Volunteer for a semester as a park steward with the Shorewood Village, volunteered as a coach for the Millennium Soccer Club which provided access to the sport for underprivileged community members, and I even worked with the Center for Leadership and Involvement as an Organizational Development Consultant.

Favorite Class

One of my favorite classes was Spanish 361 with Mercedes Alcalá Galán. This class was during the fall of 2020 which marked a huge transition to online classes for both students and professors. Mercedes was one of the kindest professors I have had and I learned so much about Spanish culture throughout the semester. It was actually fun to login every Tuesday and Thursday and have a conversation about culture with Mercedes and the rest of the class. She was super understanding about the situation we were going through which made me want to learn the content more and contribute to the large group discussions. It is a class that I am not going to forget for a long time.


One of my favorite college memories has been studying abroad in Ecuador with the CEIBA Foundation. It was so incredible to visit remote research stations in the country and actually see and explore different ecosystems that we learned about in our Tropical Ecology coursework. I loved spending time with my host family and I was able to improve my Spanish immensely from having long conversations over the dinner table. Experiencing a different culture in-person has provided me with valuable life lessons that I could not have learned in the classroom.

The Future?

During the summer of 2021, I will be returning to Ecuador to complete an internship with the CEIBA foundation at a cloud forest reserve. I am excited to return to the country after our time was cut short and further my Spanish speaking abilities living with another Ecuadorian family. I am also joining the I Have A Dream Foundation in Boulder, CO as an Americorps member where I will serve Hispanic and Latinx high school scholars on their education journey. I will be applying for further graduate studies in the next year and I am excited to see where my endeavors take me.

Words of Wisdom

I encourage everyone to try to get involved with something new every semester. The university is filled with such great resources for volunteering, research, and work that it is easy to take advantage of these opportunities to build up valuable professional and personal experiences. I want to shoutout the entire Spanish department for being a supportive network throughout my entire undergraduate years. I want to thank especially Marcelo Pellegrini, Mercedes Alcalá Galán, Steven Hutchinson, and Rubén Medina for being astounding teachers during this strange time of online learning.