Lauren Krahl

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


I have been involved in many STEM-related activities at UW-Madison as well as volunteering, each of which has given me such amazing experiences. For STEM activities, I have been a sister and held chairs such as Secretary, Philanthropy, and History & Ritual in Alpha Omega Epilson, a sorority for women in STEM. I have also been the Student Representative of the American Medical Women’s Association for three years, in addition to being a Biocore Peer Advisor co-chair for the past year. For volunteering, I have been a Badger Volunteer for the past three years and am on the executive board this year in the education committee.

Favorite Class

My favorite class during my time at UW-Madison is one that I am currently in, Gender and Women’s Studies 538: LGBTQ+ Health and Health Care. I aspire to be a physician for my career, and am proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community, so it has been really exciting to learn about how these identities intersect and how I can become the best physician possible and treat all people fairly and with compassion.


Right now, in the midst of midterms and looking ahead to finals week, I miss spending countless hours and sleepless nights at College Library with my friends. Aside from being able to do schoolwork and studying with my friends, I also will miss summer nights at the Terrace and getting spring rolls from the food trucks.

The Future?

I plan on becoming a physician, with a dual degree in Public Health and Medicine. I hope to use my public health degree to contextualize patients within their respective communities and identities, and be able to holistically diagnose and treat them. Specifically, I hope to work with local nonprofits and clinics in underserved communities to provide increased mental, physical, and sexual health resources to LBGTQ+ people of color. Until then, however, I am planning on working as an EMT and Ski Patroller to gain more patient care experience, as well as complete a public health internship and travel abroad to Spain to utilize my Spanish degree and (hopefully!) become fluent in the language and in the different Spanish dialects.

Words of Wisdom

I would say that my best piece of advice is to just put yourself out there and give your all. Find your passion and devote time to doing what you love.