Anna Larsen

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


During my time at UW-Madison I was a part of Jewop A Cappella for two and a half years. I made lifelong friends in this group, and we got to tour around the state and country to make music for and with so many wonderful people. I also enjoyed doing some activities in College Dems with my best friend and roommate. My friends and I explored and hiked around the state, studied long hours, and made great memories.

Favorite Class

I really enjoyed Environmental Studies 120. It’s an Intro to Earth’s System course, and the professor, Ken Keefover-Ring, made every day interesting and enjoyable. It was the class that made me decide to also major in Environmental Studies! I also really liked Sociology 120 about marriage and the family.


I miss making dinner with my old roommates, going to watch the sunsets at Mendota, ordering way too much takeout, and studying probably way too little with the best people.

The Future?

After graduation, I want to take a break from school. Eventually I would like to go to grad school, but first my boyfriend and I want to buy a van, renovate it, and travel around the country with all of our dogs.

Words of Wisdom

Make sure you always study the articles of your nouns and practice your vocabulary. Try getting the most out of your education as possible. There are so many resources available to you, you don’t need to be reluctant to take advantage of them! Other than that, just try to focus on having as much fun as you can, because in the end, it will always be worth it to go to that extra game, stay a little longer to watch the sunset behind Mendota, or decide at the last minute to go to a movie with your friends. Those are the moments you’ll remember most.