Born in Valencia, Spain in 1983, Vicente is a bilingual writer and PhD candidate (ABD) of Spanish Literature with a minor in Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His academic interests lie in a garden of forking paths: Latin American Contemporary Culture (with an emphasis on the Southern Cone), Comparative Literature, Translation Studies, Creative Writing, Poetry, Short Story Theory, and Theatre Studies. Among other distinctions, he is a Fulbright Alumnus and Kohler Alumnus at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. He is also a graduate of the MSc in Comparative & General Literature at the University of Edinburgh and received a BA in Journalism from the Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU in Moncada, Spain. He usually writes poetry, theatre, short stories and dabbles in folk music composition under the pen-name Marcos Neroy. PEN International Magazine, The Poetic Republic, Vulture Magazine and Turia, among others, have been graceful hosts to his poems. Over the years, he has been lucky to attend workshops directed by the dramaturges Paco Zarzoso and Sanchis Sinisterra; poets Jesse Lee Kercheval and Amy Quan Barry; and prose writers Judith Mitchell and Lorrie Moore. You can find more information about Vicente and his work at:ópezAbad