Lara Margolis

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


  • Member of the Bucky Pre-Health Volunteer Association
  • Apparel Chair for Alpha Epsilon Phi
  • Student Red Cross Volunteer

Favorite Class

Organic Chemistry with Bowman


My favorite college memory was being able to take what I have learned here on campus and use it to explore and study abroad in Barcelona. Being able to conquer a city that I have learned so much about here in Madison with my peers was a wonderful experience.

The Future?

In the future I hope to apply and attend dental school and work with the Spanish-speaking population.

Words of Wisdom

I would advise future students to take advantage of what the professors and advisors here have to offer. Attending such a large university can be intimidating and difficult at first, sometimes it can be easy to fall behind or become lost. The professors and advisors are so flexible and available and want what is best for their students. Attending office hours, scheduling meetings, and building close relationships with my professors and advisors was what allowed me to successfully become a double major and make this large university seem small and manageable. Be sure to do the same!