Angela Morrissey

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


During my time at UW-Madison, I participated in several on-campus activities, including Spanish Club, Camp Kesem, “mesas de conversación” (before COVID), and was a private Spanish tutor. I was able to study abroad in Granada, Spain during (the first half of) the spring 2020 semester. I spent a year working in a research lab investigating the effects of pregnant mothers’ sleep apnea on their children and took the opportunity to be a TA for Biochem 501 last summer. I also volunteered in the oncology unit at the UW Children’s Hospital and worked as an EMT on an ambulance service and in an ER.

Favorite Class

My favorite Spanish class was definitely Spanish literature with Pablo Ancos and Felipe Moraga. It was so interesting to get past the grammar and basic aspects of learning the Spanish language and begin to appreciate the culture and expressivity found in literature. Without fail, I laughed every day in that class.


I definitely miss going to Badger football games with my friends and will always cherish the memories I have of watching the sunset at the Terrace!!

The Future?

After graduation, I will be taking a gap year to continue working as an ER tech while applying to PA school. I hope to pursue a career as a physician assistant and spend time in various specialties, including Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics.

Words of Wisdom

Practice your accent in class because the moment you can say “sonreír” without struggling will literally get you high on life, but make sure to take time to explore all UW-Madison has to offer, because those four years go by imperceptibly fast. I want to thank all of my Spanish professors, as they have not only enriched my Spanish ability, but my experience here at UW. 🙂