Skylar Nafziger

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


  • Fundraiser Committee for Feed The Change Inc.
  • Honors Program

Favorite Class

Poli Sci 434: The Politics of Human Rights


Spending time with the friends that I have made throughout my time here at UW-Madison will always be some of my favorite memories, whether it’s attending football games on the weekends or studying hard at the Memorial Union Terrace during the week.

The Future?

I will be taking a gap year following graduation to work and prepare for law school. I plan to become a civil rights attorney.

Words of Wisdom

What you experience outside of the classroom will teach you just as much as the courses you will take inside of them. As Albert Einstein said, “education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Your time at the university will go by faster than you can imagine, so cherish every moment and take on any opportunity that comes your way.