Sophia Romero

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


I was a member of the co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega during my four years at UW-Madison. I was also a research assistant in a sociology lab as well as a neurobiology lab. I also loved volunteering at St. Mary’s Hospital in the emergency department.

Favorite Class

My favorite college class were my general chemistry courses freshman year.


Some of my favorite college memories are having dinner or ice cream on the terrace with my friends.

The Future?

I’ll be taking a gap year where I’ll work as a CNA on an intermediate cardiac step down unit in a hospital. I’m excited to begin the process of applying to medical school for the following year.

Words of Wisdom

I would advise to try out and get involved in anything you find interesting! You never really know what you’ll end up loving until you try it and the amazing people you might meet doing so.