Vanessa Rooyakkers

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


  • ASM
  • Pre-Law Society
  • worked at VA Kids Center
  • Mercile J. Lee Scholarship Program

Favorite Class

Spanish 320


My favorite college memory was freshman year in general. School was so much fun when everything was in person, before the pandemic. It was so hectic and I was always busy, but I had great friends to share my experiences with along the way. Looking back, I did not know anything when I was a freshman. I could hardly remember how to get to my classes the first few days of each semester! I think not knowing what I was doing was half of the fun. Looking back, it is amazing to see the growth that has taken place.

The Future?

I hope to take a gap year to work full time and then go to law school in fall 2022.

Words of Wisdom

Juggling a class workload, extra-curriculars, work, and other commitments all at the same time can be challenging, especially when you’re still learning how to take care of yourself and be independent. It’s important to remember the WHY behind what you are doing and to try to always stay calm and keep the end goal in sight. This is the best way to stay motivated and push through the hard times that each semester brings.