Elizabeth Spadaccini

Credentials: Undergraduate Spanish Major


I tried to do a little of everything – volunteering with the Womens Center, working for the UW Communications Video Department, writing for the Center for Journalism Ethics, and working at the state capitol.

Favorite Class

I have two – Journalism 425, where we produced The Badger Report, a student news broadcast, and Rubén Medina’s class that looked into different movies and media!


Some of my favorite memories have been day trips with my best friends, seeing parts of Wisconsin that I wouldn’t see otherwise. I’ve met the best people at UW, and they are what I’m going to miss.

The Future?

Right now nothing is concrete, but in general I hope to get a job that allows me to use both my Spanish and my writing skills, and that I keep a piece of UW with me forever.

Words of Wisdom

The professors in the Spanish department have all been the best ever – they really were the group of professors I participated with the most, because of how welcoming and friendly they all were. Talk to them while you can, their knowledge and advice is invaluable!