Jaime Vargas Luna

Email: vargasluna@wisc.edu

headshot: Jaime Vargas Luna

Jaime, who earned his BA from Universidad de San Marcos in 2003 and his MA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012, is a PhD candidate with a minor in Latin American History. His dissertation: “Performances of indigeneity in Early Bourbon Peru (1720-1750).” He is interested in Colonial and Post-Colonial Andean and Southern Cone Literature, History, and Culture with special emphasis on Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay. His research includes Independent and Alternative Publishing, Popular Music, Performance, and Narratives of Social Identities, especially Feminisms, Queer Narratives, and Indigeneities. He co-founded the publishing houses Sarita Cartonera and [sic], and the creative reading project Libros, Un Modelo Para Armar. Currently, he is a literary adviser for Casa de la Literatura Peruana, and works for the radio shows En Nuestro Patio and the Monday editions of A Public Affair on WORT 89.9 FM.