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Our Undergraduate Program

The Department of Spanish & Portuguese offers an integrated curriculum in introductory and specialized instruction in Spanish and Portuguese languages, literatures, cultures, and linguistics for undergraduates to fulfill major, college, and campus requirements as well as for those seeking fluency and a solid language preparation for other opportunities. The objectives and goals of the undergraduate majors include the skills of advanced proficiency in oral communication and written expression, an understanding of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian cultures, general familiarity with aspects of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian literatures, and an understanding of aspects of Ibero-Romance linguistics.

  • Spanish Major

    Declare the Spanish major online!

    Spanish, BA*

    Spanish, BS*

    *Non–L&S students who have permission from their school/college to pursue an additional major within L&S only need to fulfill Spanish major requirements and do not need to complete the L&S breadth and degree requirements.

    Spanish Major Requirement Checklist (PDF)


  • Honors in the Spanish Major

    Students may declare Honors in the Spanish Major in consultation with the Spanish undergraduate advisor.

    To earn Honors in the Spanish Major, students must satisfy both the requirements for the major (above) and the following additional requirements:

    • Earn a 3.300 overall university GPA
    • Earn a 3.500 GPA for all Spanish courses 300 level and higher
    • Complete the following 15 credits of coursework, taken for Honors, with individual grades of B or better:
      • 3 credits, Spanish 300 to Spanish 680
      • 6 credits, Spanish 327 to Spanish 680
      • A two-semester Senior Honors Thesis (Spanish 681 and 682), for a total of 6 credits.*

    *In certain circumstances (particularly when the student is an Honors candidate in two or more departments), 6 credits in Hispanic literature, linguistics, or cultural studies at the graduate level may be substituted for the Honors Thesis, upon recommendation by the Spanish undergraduate advisor.

  • Certificate in Spanish Studies for Business Majors