Jamie de Moya-Cotter receives Fulbright Award

Congratulations to Jamie de Moya-Cotter, who was recently awarded a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad for his PhD project titled Narrating the Pluriverse: Eco-Storytelling from the Andes and Amazon! This project analyzes the similarities and distinctions between Andean and Amazonian encounters with extractive capitalist ideals of modernity and development. Jamie’s Fulbright DDRA research will take place between Peru and Ecuador, where rap and film have emerged as influential artistic mediums alongside contemporary indigenous youth movements of resistance against Andean and Amazonian extractive development projects. In his research, the artists and works he thinks alongside are deeply entangled with Andean and Amazonian cosmologies and are multi-faceted in their capacity for critique and generative discourse: they both deconstruct extractive capitalist ways of understanding the relationships between humans and nature and also propose alternative life practices and knowledges for living in collaboration with more-than-human worlds. Congratulations again, Jamie, you’ve made the Department of Spanish & Portuguese extremely proud!