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Our Commitment to Student Success

Honored Faculty and Staff

Teaching Recognition


Halls-Bascom Professorship
Professor Guillermina De Ferrari, 2020

Sigma Delta Pi’s Order of Don Quijote
(National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society’s highest honor)

Professor Steven Hutchinson, 2016

Phi Beta Kappa Excellence in Teaching
Professor Catherine Stafford, 2016

Class of 1955 Teaching Excellence
Professor Alicia Cerezo, 2015

Emil H. Steiger Distinguished Teaching
Professor Rajiv Rao, 2013

William H. Kiekhofer Distinguished Teaching
Professor Pablo Ancos, 2011

Faculty and instructors in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese are recognized regularly by students, student organizations, and societies (see, for example, University Housing’s Honored Instructors)

Advising Awards


Outstanding Achievement in Undergraduate Advising
Karen Francis, 2016

College of Letters and Science Advising Award
Karen Francis, 2013
Professor Ellen Sapega, 2002

Center for the First-Year Experience
Outstanding Work with First-Year Students
Karen Francis, 2012

Undergraduate Research


Wisconsin/Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research

  • Professor Ksenija Bilbija (15 awards)
  • Professor Guillermina de Ferrari (4 awards)
  • Professor Rubén Medina
  • Professor Rajiv Rao
  • Professor Kathryn Sánchez (4 awards)
  • Professor Ellen Sapega

Undergraduate Research Scholar Mentoring

  • Professor Rajiv Rao

Teaching with Technology


Educational Innovation Senior Fellowship
Professor Ivy A. Corfis, 2018

Educational Innovation Grant
Professor Ivy A. Corfis, 2017
Professor Pablo Ancos, 2017

College of Letters & Science Blended Learning Fellowship
Professor Ivy A. Corfis, 2016-2017

Online Course Development (Division of Continuing Studies)
Professor Ivy A. Corfis, 2017

INTIME Technology Teaching Grant
Professor Ivy A. Corfis, 2003