Glen Close

Position title: Professor


Phone: (608) 252-2529

1130 Van Hise Hall

headshot: Glen Close

Spring 2024

On Leave


Glen Close teaches courses in Spanish American literature, culture, and film. He is the author of La imprenta enterrada. Arlt, Baroja y el imaginario anarquista (Beatriz Viterbo, 2000) and Contemporary Hispanic Crime Fiction. A Transatlantic Discourse on Urban Violence (Palgrave Macmillan 2008) and Female Corpses in Crime Fiction. A Transatlantic Perspective (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming in 2018). He has published related articles on autopsy and morgue scenes in Spanish and Spanish American fiction, corpse photography in novels by Roberto Bolaño and Cristina Rivera Garza, and necropornography in hard-boiled crime fiction and in recent Mexican narcofiction. He is the co-editor of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Detective Fiction. Essays on the Género Negro Tradition (McFarland 2006) and the translator of Josefina Ludmer’s The Corpus Delicti. A Manual of Argentine Fictions (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2004).


PhD, Yale University
BA, Wesleyan University