María Isabel Martín Sánchez


headshot: Isabel Martín-Sánchez


Isabel Martín-Sánchez is from Madrid, Spain, and studied communication and international relationships before moving to the USA. She is currently a PhD candidate in Spanish Literature with a minor certificate in Visual Studies. Her research interest is the performativity of the border region between the USA and Mexico, particularly in regard to how this is visually, theatrically, and sonically represented.

Honors and Awards

2020. Spanish & Portuguese Department Research Summer Award
2020. TINKER NAVE Short-Term Field Research Grant
Fall 2020. L&S Teaching Fellow Award University of Wisconsin-Madison
2019. Spanish & Portuguese Department Fund Award for LATT Conference 2020 $750 (postponed) – Graduate School Research Travel for Mexico City
2019. TINKER NAVE Short-Term Field Research Grant
Spring 2019. Spanish & Portuguese Department Graduate Student Best Research Paper Award (Nominated)
2018. Spanish & Portuguese Department Assistance for 72th RMMLA Convention
2018. Charles Davis Award for Best Graduate Student Presentation at 72th RMMLA Convention (Nominated)
Fall 2018. Honored Instructor, University Housing
October 2018. Asociación de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades Conference Fund for XXVIII 28vo Congress Voicing Gender in Hispanic and Lusopohone Letters, Theater, Cinema and Other Media. (Declined)
2016. Ignacio R.M. Galbis Award for the article: “De la idea al mito: La importancia de crear símbolos para una revolución.”

Student Organization

Teatro Décimo Piso