Rajiv Rao

Credentials: Director - Spanish Language Program | Director - Language Sciences Program

Position title: Professor

Email: rgrao@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 262-4712

1142 Van Hise Hall

headshot: Rajiv Rao

Fall 2024 Office Hours

coming in early September


What factors affect the way we sound when we speak a language? Rajiv Rao is interested in providing some answers to this question, namely for Spanish, at the level of both prosody (i.e., intonation, stress, rhythm) and individual sounds. He has looked at effects on the sound system of Spanish related to syllables, words, phrases, pragmatic and syntactic conditions, and social variables. While his dissertation focused on a variety of Peninsular Spanish, his current agenda revolves around Spanish in the Americas. In the classroom, Rajiv integrates these research interests into courses dealing with general Spanish linguistics and Spanish phonetics and phonology at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. His interests include Phonetics, Phonology, Prosody, Heritage Languages, Afro-Hispanic Linguistics, and Second Language Acquisition.



PhD, University of California, Davis