Severino João Albuquerque

headshot: Severino Albuquerque

Since his retirement at the end of May 2017, Severino Albuquerque has kept busy with his ongoing research on performance along with more recent interests, including the work of Brazilian photographers.

In 2018, Severino published two articles, one in a journal and one in a book:

“Tulio Carella’s Recife Days: Politics, Sexuality and Performance in Orgia.” Latin American Theatre Review 51.2 (Spring 2018) 7-21.

“Une douteuse effervescence: Le théâtre brésilien sous le régime militaire, 1964-1985.” Trans. Monica Raissa Schpun. In 1964: La dictature brésilienne et son legs. James N. Green and Monica Raissa Schpun, eds. Paris: Le Poisson Volant, 2018. 208-229.

In 2019, he published three articles, two in journals and one in a book:

“Queering Pan-Americanism: Counternational Politics in Tulio Carella’s Recife Diaries, 1960-1961.” In Beyond Binaries: Sex, Sexualities and Gender in the Lusophone World. Ana Raquel Fernandes and Paulo Pepe, eds. Oxford: Lang, 2019. 217-236.

“Challenging Lusofonia: Transnationality, Translationality, and Appropriation in Tulio Carella’s Orgía/Orgia and Hermilo Borba Filho’s Deus no pasto. Journal of Lusophone Studies 4.1 (Spring 2019) 186-217. Anna Klobucka and Cesar Braga-Pinto, guest editors.

“Ficções do impossível: Clarice Lispector, Lúcio Cardoso e ‘Impossibilidade’” (Trans. Richard Sanches) Revista da Biblioteca Mário de Andrade (São Paulo) 72 (2019) 105-121. Gutemberg Medeiros, guest editor.

Severino also gave an interview in the Spring 2019 issue of the Latin American Theatre Review 52.2, a volume dedicated to contemporary Brazilian theatre, guest edited by Luciano Tosta and Robert Moser.

Since retiring, he has also given papers at two professional conferences: the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) international conference held at the University of Utrecht in July 2017; and the American Portuguese Studies Association (APSA) international conference at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in October 2018.

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